give it to you.

These years, the strength is not as good as people, can’t it be low-key?
After speaking, he completely disappeared.
After a while, a few powerful experts from the Profound Kai clan quickly walked out of the city.
The leader, the breath of mountains and seas broke out, the breath of the pinnacle!
Quickly went out of the city, explored around, took out a fixed yuan ruler that was similar to the one that Su Yu had captured, and explored around. There was no separation. The Xuan Kai clan did not dare to underestimate Su Yu. For these 南京龙凤网 geniuses, no race would underestimate each other.
Distracted, it is easy to be ambushed by him.
Who knows if this guy left or not.
As for the city, there was actually a sun and moon sitting in town, but he left early and went to ambush at the Tianduan Valley. The fairy clan informed him, but he didn’t know that he didn’t run east!
Su Yu was not only because of the beating of Jie Zi Shenwen at that time because of Modona.
At this moment, without the sun and the moon sweeping the surrounding areas, the mountain and sea peaks are leading, and it is difficult to find Su Yu’s whereabouts. More than a dozen powerful men of the Profound Armor clan gathered together and probed along the city wall, but found nothing.
After another while, the leading Xuan Kai clan mountain and sea powerhouse said coldly: “Either Su Yu or Cui Lang, kill the 南京炮网 two peerless talents of our clan, our clan will never give up!”
Xuan Kai clan, It is also a top 100 race!
The patriarch is extremely powerful and invincible!
Once captured and killed an invincible big monster, when combined, it can fight the top invincibility. Once you enter the profound armor world, under the power of the realm, you will not be afraid of any invincible attack!
Strictly speaking, it is stronger than the Dragon Silkworm King.
The dragon silkworm king and the exterminating silkworm king have fought for so many years, and they are all in peace, and the Xuan Kai clan is not afraid of them.