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The 157th chapter talent divine literature
research center.
The master and apprentice chatted for a while, Bai Feng suddenly remembered something, and said angrily: ”
Where is the tea?” Su Yu laughed, still thinking about this.
After pouring him a cup of tea in the past, Bai Feng was only satisfied and he was very happy.
While drinking tea, thinking about things.
After a while, Bai 南京龙凤论坛 Feng thoughtfully said, “When you used the Soul Eater, which acupuncture points were opened, do you remember?”
“Soul Eater Soul Eater vitality mutation”
Bai Feng muttered Said: “I don’t know whether it is the natural skill that causes the vitality to mutate, or the soul eater’s basic Yuan qi mutates, but unfortunately you don’t know the primordial tactic.”
Su Yu thought for a while and said: “Teacher, I think the soul eater’s primordial tactics and The acupuncture points for innate skills should be similar. In fact, from the innate skills, I think Yuan Jue can generally be derived. After all, the acupuncture points for talent skills are the basic Yuan Jue points.”
These two are generally matched.
For example, “War God Jue” and “Breaking the Heaven” are complementary.
There are 108 repercussions in “God of War” and 96 in “Breaking the Sky”, which are all the acupoints opened by God of War, with a difference of 12 acupuncture points.
“It makes sense!”
Bai Feng nodded, his eyes flashing: “If Soul Eater’s Yuan Jue can mutate its vitality, add burning and corrosion 南京品茶网 willpower, it will be a huge one for all fighters. Change!”
“Warriors want to hurt the civilized division. Under normal circumstances, they are close and kill the flesh! However, if they can burn the civilized division’s willpower remotely, the result will be different!”
Bai Feng’s heart moved slightly. Said: “Maybe we can use this to hook up a few powerful fighters! Escort us!”
Su Yu looked at the teacher, his face changed slightly.